डॉ राजेन्द्र प्रसाद
राष्ट्रीय विधि विश्वविद्यालय प्रयागराज


Dr. Rajendra Prasad
National Law University Prayagraj

Status of Provisional Admission 

June 14, 2024

After Fifth  Provisional Merit List of Selected Candidates to B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) Programme for Academic Year 2024-25

1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad National Law University has completed five rounds of online admission counselling for B.A. LL.B (Hons.) for AY 2024-25.

2. The Online Counselling was started from 28th February, 2024 and Completed on 28th May 2024. 

3. The detailed list of the candidates who have paid their fees and are provisionally admitted for AY 2024-25  is given below. Their admission will be confirmed after verification of original documents in person. The candidates are advised to browse the university website on regular basis.

Sl. No. Reference IDCLAT AIRAdmit card No.Vertical ReservationHorizontal ReservationCandidate’s Status
13821904103011332General Accepted
21821916131011094General Accepted
35901994127021497General Accepted
42032124103011017General Accepted
52542254103011866General Accepted
61902417160121258General Accepted
76392588110021152General Accepted
8102762156011025General Accepted
9842783103011864General Accepted
10952806160061234General Accepted
111452849150021275General Accepted
122072924127021031General Accepted
131713072101011043General Accepted
143203076162021401General Accepted
151423091150011094General Accepted
163073093160081340General Accepted
174483144139011071General Accepted
181263216110021131General Accepted
191843277128021330General Accepted
201973537139011359General Accepted
212053633160171448General Accepted
225193861103011024OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
23483964150011083EWS of UP Accepted
243514315127021128EWS of Uttar Padesh Accepted
253414425143021149GeneralWDP of UPAccepted
266684634153011029EWS of UP Accepted
274584699150041379EWS of UP Accepted
286984858150051029OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
296604966150061272EWS of UP Accepted
305534974125011218OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
317295130110031318OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
326915393103011815OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
331856185160131081OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
342846692181011240OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
354867157125011326OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
363317171144021026OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
375957353150061201OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
386357628103011350OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
393767940103011207OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
405718757160161017OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
411199536125011240OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
422209929143011018OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
4367110109126011022OBC_NCL of UP Accepted
4440712890150061066Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
452915424150031210Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
4633517248150011189Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
479218146150041271Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
4857920135150051105Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
4915021291150011058Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
5045322271103011176Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
5123222319126011043Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
5227122943103011267Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
5368723197101011531Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
5439224271122011389Scheduled Caste of UP Accepted
5540025573153011059Scheduled Caste of UP  Accepted